Express Kenya PLC:

Express Kenya is a logistics and transportation company based in Kenya, providing services such as freight forwarding, warehousing, and transportation solutions. With a history spanning several decades, Express Kenya has established itself as a key player in the logistics industry within the East African region.

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Deacons (East Africa) PLC:

Deacons (East Africa) is a retail company operating in the fashion and lifestyle sector. It manages a portfolio of well-known brands and stores across East Africa, offering a wide range of clothing, footwear, accessories, and home goods to its customers.

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Eveready East Africa Ltd:

Eveready East Africa is a leading manufacturer and marketer of batteries, flashlights, and allied products in East Africa. With a strong presence in the region, Eveready East Africa serves both consumer and industrial markets with reliable energy solutions.

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Nairobi Business Ventures Ltd:

Nairobi Business Ventures is a diversified investment company with interests in various sectors including real estate, manufacturing, and trading. The company is focused on creating value for its shareholders through strategic investments and business ventures.

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Kenya Airways Ltd:

Kenya Airways is the flag carrier airline of Kenya, operating domestic, regional, and international flights. With its hub at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi, Kenya Airways plays a vital role in connecting Kenya to the rest of the world and facilitating trade and tourism.

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Standard Group PLC:

Standard Group is a leading multimedia company in Kenya, with interests in print, broadcasting, and digital media. The company operates several media outlets, including newspapers, television channels, radio stations, and online platforms, providing news, entertainment, and advertising services.

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Uchumi Supermarket PLC:

Uchumi Supermarket is one of the oldest and largest supermarket chains in Kenya, offering a wide range of food and non-food products to consumers. With multiple branches across the country, Uchumi Supermarket is known for its convenience, quality, and competitive pricing.

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Sameer Africa PLC:

Sameer Africa is a leading manufacturer and distributor of automotive tires and related products in East Africa. The company's extensive product range caters to various vehicle types and applications, serving both individual and commercial customers.

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WPP Scangroup PLC:

WPP Scangroup is a leading marketing and communications company in East Africa, offering a wide range of advertising, branding, digital, and public relations services. With a strong presence in the region, WPP Scangroup serves clients across various industries, helping them build and strengthen their brands.

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TPS Eastern Africa PLC:

TPS Eastern Africa, operating under the Serena Hotels brand, is a hospitality company that owns and operates a portfolio of luxury hotels, resorts, and lodges in East Africa. With a focus on providing exceptional service and memorable experiences, TPS Eastern Africa plays a significant role in the region's tourism industry.

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