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Stock Brokers

Stockbrokers offer a service which gives retail and institutional investors the opportunity to buy and sell company equities. Stockbrokers can either trade shares on a stock exchange or over-the-counter. This will be determined by where they can find the best price and liquidity.

Stock Brokers

Services a Stockbroker can provide at a commission (fee):

Advisory service where the broker recommends which stocks an investor should trade (buy or sell).
Execution only service involves the stockbroker completing trade orders submitted by the investor.
Discretionary service where the stockbroker undertakes the entire trading process on behalf of the investor. The broker manages every aspect of the investor’s account. Stockbrokers in Kenya are regulated by Capital Markets Authority (CMA).
Stock Brokers

Authorized Stockbrokerage Firms in Kenya:

Genghis Capital
SBG Securities.
Securities Africa.
Old mutual
KCB Capital
ABSA Securities
AIB AXYS Africa Ltd
NCBA Investment
Kingdom Securities.
Faida Investment Bank
Francis Drummond.
Suntra Investment Bank
Renaissance Capital
Kestrel Capital
Dyer and Blair
Standard Investment Bank.
EFG Hermes Kenya
Sterling Capital Ltd
Ngenye Kariuki.
Equity Investment Bank
African Alliance
ABC Capital Bank