Automobile Accessories Stocks

The Automobile Accessories Stocks segment encompasses companies involved in the manufacturing, distribution, and servicing of a diverse range of automotive products and equipment. These companies play a crucial role in providing essential components and accessories for vehicles, catering to both individual consumers and commercial clients.


Automotive Sector

This sector includes companies engaged in manufacturing, distributing, and servicing automotive products and equipment. From power equipment to commercial vehicles, these firms cater to diverse needs, offering a wide range of products and services.



Car and General (Kenya) Limited (Ticker: CGEN)

Car and General (Kenya) Limited is a prominent holding company based in Kenya, specializing in the distribution and servicing of a wide range of automotive accessories and equipment. The company’s diverse product portfolio includes power equipment, household goods, agricultural machinery, and implements, marine engines, motorcycles, cars, three-wheeler vehicles, commercial laundry equipment, commercial engines, and general goods.

Distribution and servicing of power equipment
Sale of household goods and agricultural machinery
Distribution of marine engines and motorcycles
Sales and servicing of cars and three-wheeler vehicles
Commercial laundry equipment sales
Distribution of commercial engines and general goods