Express Limited is a transport and logistics company in Kenya which offers services for goods clearing and forwarding and warehousing. The company transports goods to the major towns and cities in Kenya and depots in South Sudan, North Sudan, Ethiopia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and the DRC. Express Limited operates a diverse fleet comprising trucks, small vans, trailers, low loaders, side loaders, cladded stainless steel tankers and forklifts. The company offers value-added services for its clients which includes handing customs documentation for imports and exports; coordinating pick-ups, clearing and door-to-door deliveries; pre-shipment inspections; warehouse logistics, and storing, cleaning and repairing empty containers. A division of Express Limited manages its investments in real estate. Express Kenya is a subsidiary of Etcoville Holdings Limited and its head office is in Nairobi, Kenya.


+254 722-204102
Airport Trade Centre JKIA, Nairobi
Ticker : XPRS


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Express Kenya and Kakuzi are the latest listed firms to issue profit warnings, an indication of a tough business environment that most businesses find themselves in. In a statement, the board of Express Kenya Plc told investors, shareholders, and stakeholders that the company has been faced with adverse economic challenges this year which has significantly impacted its operational efficiency and bottom line. The board and management said their focus is to enhance the firm’s financials, improve efficiency, grow income, and reduce losses by executing new strategies and savings plans to weather the storm. In the case of listed agro processor Kakuzi, its anticipated drop in earnings is due to poor performance of the macadamia business which is expected to make losses due to a significant decline in demand and price in China, Japan, and the USA.

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Express Kenya, Kakuzi Issue Profit Alerts as More Firms Struggle

The East AfricanBusiness Express Kenya to delist from the NSE after years of loss making TUESDAY DECEMBER 05 2017 Express truck An Express Kenya trailer transporting EABL products. The firm’s troubles started way back in 2011 after the regional beer maker East African Breweries Ltd (EABL) terminated its distribution contract and replaced it with DHL. PHOTO FILE | NATION Summary The firm’s troubles started way back in 2011 after the regional beer maker East African Breweries Ltd (EABL) terminated its distribution contract and replaced it with DHL. General ImageBy JAMES ANYANZWA More by this Author Troubled transport and logistics firm Express Kenya Limited plans to delist from the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE) after several years of loss making and falling shareholder value. As a result the Capital Markets Authority (CMA) has suspended the trading of the firm’s shares on the exchange with effect from December 4 2017. The logistics firm said Monday it will cease trading at the NSE following a successful acquisition of 38.36 per cent of its ordinary shares by investment firm Diniz Holdings Ltd. The transaction which is still subject to shareholder and regulatory approvals is valued at KshKsh74.7 million ($747,000). It involves the sale of 13.58 million shares at an offer price of ksh5.50 ($0.05). Express Kenya’s net losses widen last year (2016) at Ksh96.93 million ($969,300) compared to a loss of Ksh60 million ($60,000) in the previous year (2015), with a negative working capital of Kh17 million ($170,000).

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Express Kenya to delist from the NSE after years of loss making

XPRS chief executive Hector Diniz has received the green light to raise his ownership of the company to slightly over 70 percent after shareholders approved a plan to convert Sh80 million debt owed to his companies into shares. The shareholders backed the plan through a unanimous 68-member vote at an extra-ordinary general meeting Thursday. The move will now see Mr Diniz —through his two firms — issued with nearly 12.31 million new shares at a price of Sh6.50 each. This will be achieved through conversion of Sh42 million debt that the loss-making firm owes Airport Trade Centre Ltd (ATCL) and another Sh38 million loan to Diniz Holdings Ltd into shares. “The members present and in person and by proxy and eligible to vote unanimously by show of hands without any dissent passed a resolution to convert a debt of Sh42 million and Sh38 million owed by the company to Airport Trade Centre Limited and Diniz Holdings Limited respectively to equity,” said the firm in a regulatory notice yesterday. Mr Diniz, who already controls a 61.64 percent stake in the clearing and forwarding, warehousing and logistics services firm, failed in a bid last year to buy out 38.36 per cent equity held by minority shareholders. A section of the company’s significant shareholders rejected the CEO’s offer after it emerged that the struggling firm was worth much more based on the value of its 15.7 acre land in Nairobi’s Industrial Area. The new transaction, which will give him an additional 10 per cent stake, had earlier been cleared by the Capital Markets Authority (CMA) in May this year. Mr Diniz, in his failed bid to fully acquire the company and delist it from the Nairobi bourse, had made an offer of Sh5.50 per share. This had been accepted by shareholders with 9.78 per cent equity, bringing their total stake to 71.42 per cent, but fell short of the 75 percent minimum regulatory threshold for such a transaction.

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Nairobi Securities Exchange – NSE