Kenya National Payments System Vision and Strategy 2021- 2025

Kenya’s National Payments System (NPS) has undergone rapid change over the last fifteen
years. Starting with the modernisation programme that led to the establishment of the Kenya
Electronic Payment and Settlement System (KEPSS) in 2005, and the enactment of the NPS Act,
2011 and the NPS Regulations in 2014, CBK has facilitated major improvements in payment
services over the years. In 2007, through CBK’s facilitation, mobile money was introduced,
heralding a new chapter of payments services in Kenya and beyond. Today, CBK regulated
“payments rails” are used to launch innovations in sectors such as education, health and
agriculture. The use of mobile money systems to mitigate the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic
is testimony to Kenya’s strong payment system foundation.

Source : Central Bank of Kenya

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