A CRB (Credit Reference Bureau) is a company that collects data on loans issued by lending institutions, and consequently creates reports (known as credit reports) on a borrowers current and past loans. With this information, a CRB is able to draw out the repayment patterns of each borrower. Lenders will obtain your credit report and use this repayment information to determine if they will issue you with a loan.

In Kenya, we have three CRBs; all licensed for operation and regulated by the Central Bank of Kenya namely;

  • CreditInfo CRB.
  • Metropol CRB.
  • Transunion Kenya CRB.

A borrower should constantly check their credit report to verify that the information contained in the report is correct. If there is information that is not correct in the report, a borrower has a legal right to dispute the information. To lodge a dispute:

The borrower should contact the CRB from which he/she obtained the report. The CRB will issue the borrower with a form through which he/she can highlight the erroneous information.

The CRB contacts the lending institution that provided the data to confirm the correctness of the information under dispute.

The lending institution is required to investigate and respond within fourteen days confirming either

The information is correct and thus should remain as is;

The information is erroneouss and thus should be deleted; or

The information is not up-to-date, and send in the correct and up-to-date status.

If a borrower is not content with the outcome, he/she is allowed to append a summary of the dispute which remains appended on the credit report.

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